:), Nobody’s mentioned Average White Band yet! My only exception would be that the Big Silver Spoon was actually the logo of the 70s-80s band called “Lovin’ Spoonful’ which turned into 1) Crosby, Stills, & Nash and 2) Poco 3) Loggins & Messina. white snake? The Picture Round is Extreme Closeups and the Wild Card is on Vanessa Mae. The hole in the road has also been said to be mud as in Mudvayne. Fuse represents the best of the young multicultural generation, celebrating diversity with provocative and honest content. Only guess 3 bands at a time before waiting for someone else to have a go 3. Aaaarrrggghh! 31. the killers? Gorillaz (on the rooftop) 5. i don’t know, but if i was anywhere like that i think i’d probably be getting pretty ‘paranoid’ by now…, I Got:-Bullet for my valentine-Gorrilaz-Smashing Pumpkins-Guns and Roses-Scissor Sisters-The Pixies-Pet Shop Boys-Nickelback-Rolling Stones-Red Hot Chili Peppers. and also i don’t know if anyone put Jet, but there’s a couple planes in the sky. They could be the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, though. The Byrds/Black Crowes (on the Main St sign) 31. Phish63. Is that a White Zombie below the picture of Seal? What about The Pixies flying around? Led Zeppelin 30. Whitesnake 34. I’m gonna have to say “Jane’s Addiction”. initial on building) 40.) Ok heres a new one I just figured out. Scissor Sisters (pink scissors) 29.) Bubblegum chewer=BlONDIE. i totaly fuggin agree read b4 u fuggin type u fags go umm i think its this or tyhat ur not in portand god u idiots saying the same fuggin thing over and over is dumb, smashing pumpkins bottom right, the guy is hitting them with the hammer, you guys are thinking too deep go with your first instinc and stick with it. Seal (the poster next to the white zombie) 41. Hole(in the ground? the girl talking to the cowbaoy junkies by the subway looks like jane from tarzan…. Pink ? If we could only figure out whats with the 3 80’s chicks. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Carrying a guitar case does not make you a Killer, even if there is a gun inside (which we can’t see). “Dead Kennedys”, the three blak girls holdin hands and skippin, On the left window it says “Pet Shop” and there are 2 boys leaning against that window…. the roots69. The crosswalk (what yall are calling White Stripes) itself with the people moving left to right could be a reference to The Beatles via their Abbey Road album. initial on building) 39.) 17th December 2013. 2Us= U2 and BGG= The BEE GEES, Gorillaz Sex Pistols The Eagles The Smashing Pumpkins Matchbox 20 The Rolling Stones The Beach Boys Scissor Sisters Blur Alice in Chains The Pixies Hole Red Hot Chili Peppers Led Zeppelin White Zombie Bloc Party The Doors Black Flag Garbage Dinosaur Jr. Dead Kennedys near White Zombie, there r 2 pictures of jfk and another k, Crowded House Live – (the TV sets) Deep Purple Kiss Byrds Deep Purple Wings Blur Greenday Jesus and Mary Jane, Guns and Roses Smashing Pumpkins Greenday Queen Prince Kiss Radio Heads. Blur (blurry man) 56.) 50 Cent29. the rolling stones68. I used to work at a bank. Dedicated to visual phenomena and real life illusions. it is The Ramones, not 50 cent or nickleback. So I won’t even bother complaining about that. and seriously, u ppl obviously didnt read the rules at the top…. I’m only 11 and with my mum’s help I got all 75!! Alice ‘n’ Chains 18. Cowboy Junkies, good one!! Also, its clearly 9 inch nails, not styx, no “skinny puppy” anywhere! bee gees06. the purple building, can that be Deep Purple? i thought it was 50 cent. Eminem is not a band. the one i found is BLUR the man on the right of the pic is out of focus. (and does the “BGG” near the “uu” mean the BeeGees? okay so it doesn’t look like a joker anymore! Ok, I got a few more for ya, the Jets (two planes, can also be b-52’s I guess) Blind Melon Twisted Sister (the two girls contortionists) The roots (in the street grate behind the queen) BeeGees (B and 2 Gees on the wall) Seal (poster by white zombie) Iron Maiden (Its in the middle of the street) and before reading the posts i kinda thought the white zombie was for Insane clown posse??? havent you guys heard of any aussie bands????? Queen 2. Around the middle there are two guys holding guns dressed in black suits. you morons…Lady GaGa? These haven’t been listed (or I haven’t seen those comments): Alice In Chains (on the right) Radiohead White snake The Smashing Pumpkins Corn Garbage 50 Cent Maddonna (the picture of a woman & a child on the left) Led zeppelin, this is so much fun. I’m thinking Eminem on the ground left of prince, although those would technically be peanut M&M’s. Those aren’t pixies, they’re fairies-Pink Fairies, maybe. jet. The Blues Brothers59. “Guns ‘n’ Roses” – there are guns and roses in the basket, 2. there are 3 11’s from the crosswalk that show up..?? Where da hell r da Sex Pistols? damn people learn your music! Men without Hats? BeeGees (B.G. Cryptic picture quiz on behalf of Mastercard, in support of the “Best British Album” award at the BRITs in February 2015. The movie poster next to the kissing girls. white zombie73. I think the queen pointing the guns is sex pistols because the guns look like dildos. Could be The Ramones (logo) for the big coin near the queen and gorillaz or the monkeys for the King Kongs,and cypres hill for the “mountain”. Please some body tell me, what band is between the queen and prince, the eel? Blind Melon08. Rolling Stones (big boulders near the cars) 27. Picture Rounds. scorpions51. Commenter 160 the coin is not a silver dollar. jewel. How many can you remember? The three girls running together could also be Three Non Blondes. “the pixies… how has no one posted that…”. Thread info Bookmark this thread Trash this ... Post: Little quiz for everyone: there are 30 pop groups hidden in this pic (Original post) CatWoman: Nov 27: OP: Alice In Chains and Radiohead at the table. do you think in the fruit stall isnt that the lemonheads, Here is a list of the correct 75 bands:01. The people in white are Maniac Street Preachers, the mountain is Cypress Hill, the cowboy is Cowboy Junkie, 3 non blondes is actually called “4” non blondes :), Cake, Hole, Green Day, Lemonheads, Talking heads, Beatles, The Doors, Radiohead,Atomic Rooster? Rainbow. – boxes lower right corner 57 ratt (?) in the hands of the Queen…”The sex pistols” :D :D :D, i know the planes look like b52’s but i believe theyre foofighters!! Deep Purple (the building in the background) 35. BLUR, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Beach Boys, Blind Melon, Smashing Pumpkins, B52’s, The Police, Alice In Chains, Talking Heads, Gorillaz, Dead Kennedys, Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin, the Eagles, Rolling Stones, Dead Kennedys, Whitesnake, Beach boys, Smashing Pumkin, Alice in Chains, the Cars, Queen, Twisted Sister, B52’s, Pixies, Sex Pistols, Iron Maiden, Guns and Roses, Black Flag, Dinosaur Jr, the Scorpions, Prince, Yellowman, Deep Purple, the talking Heads, Blind Mellon, Hammerhead, Greenday, U2, Cowboy Junkies, Television, Spoon, White Zombie, the Police, Matchbox 20, Kiss, (Can anybody tell me what the smiling lemons are supposed to be? it highlights the 21st of august and the band got their name from the 41st day of the year, which happens to be the 21st of august.)”. On the left picture of a SEAL, JFK&RFK=DEAD KENNEDYS, Next to that is the Virgin Mary with Jesus=MADONNA. On the TVs there are what looks like the news, ergo it could either be Faces or Small Faces or even Talking Heads (Which is slang for a newscaster)! The televisions with the heads in the are the TALKING HEADS!!! We have organized three Rock Band Picture Challenges for … The 3 Fairies on the left=The PIXIES. Tangerine Dream, Nurk Twins (not Blues Bro _I like Thompson Twins though–not Cinderella —RapunzelAtomic Rooster on the poster. He spends his time finding the most popular optical illusions so that YOU keep coming back to your site for more! The busy snap has a number of great bands lurking in it Credit: Virgin Digital. that one is probably wrong, but hey it works!! But I like the men without hats, because they DO look like the Blues Brothers with out the hats, so that would be Men With Out Hats I guess. Is it possible that there are several groups/solutions for the same part of the picture? Post 60 said: It may just be me…but the white stripes on the road also represent Abbey Road for the “Beatles” That’s what I think that is. Spandau Ballet Rolling Stones Black Flag 50 Cent Everly Brothers The Eagles The Blues Brothers Jefferson AIrplane The Eagles White Zombie Guns N’ Roses U2 The Madonnas The Blur The Go – Go’s Smashing Pumpkins The Beach Boys Eminem Alice In Chains White Snake The Cars Rainbow Queen Led Zepplin Deep Purple The BeeGee’s The Tubes The Monkee’s Fish, The Blues Brothers are not a band, it’s a movie…. 90’s Pop Songs Picture Quiz Picture quiz. Sum1 plz 2 tell me? Lisa, "Playing With Fire"! !, Korn, Great White, Sex Pistols, Garbage, U2, The eels, Cowboy junkies, Beach Boys, Counting Crows, Madonna, Twisted Sister, The Carpenters ou Soundgarden (Please mister postman/ Mailman…. Pixies09. – acrobats 71-72 (?) The Eels (in front of the queen) 9. Could the Led Zeppelin and the B-52’s also be a reference to Jefferson Airship, who later became Jefferson Airplane? Jefferson airplane 9.the eagles 10.eminem 11.the beach boys 12.iron maiden 13.raidiohead 14.rolling stones 15.red hot chili peppers 16.korn 17.white zombie 18.Beegees 19.U2 20.Pixies 21.Queen 22.Matchbox20 23.modest mouse 24.Nickleback (or 50 cent) 25.panic! Okay I have to comment on Ms.Observant’s post….. scorpions51. I don’t see Cake, Doors, Cage, or Atomic Rooster. Nine Inch Nails by the Match Box Twenty, Korn beside the Blind Melon. This is most accurate now! Pet Shop Boys (shop window labeled ‘shop’) 65.) matchbox 20? Ok what are we missing in the list? the guy right by white zombie checking the mail. The guy on the right edge of the picture = “Blur” and how about “The Eels” to the left of the “Scissor Sisters”! Learn More Prev None of 30 Next. OK – so I see someone already said Iron Maiden for the figure on the crosswalk. Contrary to what was posted earlier the two pictures look to me both Kennedys that are dead, John and John-John. white zombie73. Have we got one for the goldish yet? “scissor sisters” – two scissors at the front, um the person who said ‘ gorillas – obvious anyone ‘ i never heard of the gorillas but i have heard of the Monkees i think its them anyone agree, “Rob Zombie” – the zombie behind the guns and roses. I can’t think of any other Band for the “hole” in the Street. Led Zeppelin06. The Killers (the 2 men in suits) 15.) And yeah, that probably is ‘Bush’ right at the front. Eminem (M&M’s in the road below the scissors) 20. B52’s 33. Yes, ok, men in black i think is the guys in the suites, no one has mentioned the guy in the corner that is blurred.. like the band blur…, just saw the beachboys ?the guys with surfboards… that could be a strech though lol, i also thought maybe that queen right up front is the band queen, but then why is she holding pink guns that look suspiciously like something else…. smashing pumpkins55. scissor sisters – pair of pink scissors walking on street. !! kiss35. Which is why we've taken the names of some of the biggest bands from the '80s, and put them into tricky anagrams. – people on rooftop 56 cranberries (?) It’s not a rooster, it’s a Seal (as previously mentioned) balancing a red ball on its nose (circus-style), facing right. and what says pet shop boys? The Pixies (flying fairies) 2.) blind melon09. Hole is out of the USA, it is the band that Courtney Love heads up, they have been around for quite awhile, with international sales. The Beach Boys31. How is it that no one caught Nine Inch Nails (between prince and matchbox 20)or Great White (the shark on the poster under White Snake. i felt so. Iron Maiden (in the road, to the left of radiohead) 45. Styx (to the left/below the M&M’s) 21. What about “The Who” for the blurry guy? WHITESNAKE onthe street light. tell me something… is ignorance really bliss? This is kind of out there but the men in suits could be blues travelers as in Blues Traveler. “The three girls running together could also be Three Non Blondes.”. Has anybody else seen it? If it helps is there a ‘killing prince’? ), Wow…no one picked up on The Blues Brothers. Iron Maiden60. Talking Heads 10. The … On the building to the right. im not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but in front of the stand, theres the crate. sex pistols53. the “20” behind the prince, are they match boxes? Here’s what I want you to do: find one that wasn’t previously mentioned and post your find as a comment in comment section, only one find per user please! The Black Crows on top of the street signCrate by the fruit cart which holds the Lemonheads.There is also Jellybean on the street; Jan & Dean with the surfboards; The GTO’s (one of the cars in the background); Mountain, Desperados (guitar carrying dudes), BeeGees on the wall? come on! … Hole? whose ass did you pull that out of? The queen is clearly holding 2 pistols made out of Pink Dildo’s…so I’d vote for The sex Pistols. Again, the white people look like a cult, a SugarCult. Beside the fish bowland eminem beside smashing pumpkins! This is bloody hillarious…You guys couldn’t agree on the colour of sh*te.For the morons talking about a silver dollar, look for a better quality version of the picture. Little quiz for everyone: there are 30 pop groups hidden in this pic. Air Traffic and Boys Like Girls, maybe? Hey, the smiling yellow things… they look strikingly similar to Bon Jovi’s latest album cover (have a nice day)…. Kind of a stretch but all together the people could be the village people. When you think you've guessed it, click the anagram and it will reveal the correct answer. The smiling vegetables could be Smile Empty Soul. Prince (queen is pointing pistols at him) 14.) Please advise. does anyone know of the band D12? Cyprus Hill (Tree on hill) 22.) Talking Heads/Television (in the building next to the Main St sign) 33. OKAY call me stupid but can you please tell me what they are… Apparently I have been mislead my entire life…, 1. smashing pumpkins55. Could the diamond necklace be Jewel? 50 Cent (1/2 dollar) ****Clueless items**** -Bag of onions or potatoes on ground next to veggie/fruit stand -Stacked boxes with bagged food next to veggie stand ****questionable/multiple meaning items IMO**** -the pink and yellow rectangles (I thought I’ve seen them as album artwork) -post man -1/2 silver dollar -the right window with people in it (there are two and i think the one on the left is Culture Club -The different looking monkey from the gorillas -the blonde chewing bubble gum. Anyone say Quarterflash. !PS I have seen nothing written about the small stuffed dinosaur in the left corner. (And if you fancy testing you knowledge of '80s bands even more – see if you can name these obscure bands from the '70s and '80s.) theres dildos on the guns lmfao. )- there is a neclace in a case nest to the fruit stand, alice in chains- and alice-like girl with chains wrapped around her by the fruit stand, blur- man next to alice, very very blurry, cowboy junkies- the cowboys shooting up by a lamp post, twisted sisters- the contortionists in the middle of the road, radiohead- the man with a radio for a head, iron maiden- the big stone statue lookin thing on the cross walk, scissor sisters- the pink scissors on the street next to ‘smashing pumpkins’. The Picture Round is Extreme Closeups and the Wild Card is on Vanessa Mae. Oh and Prince! scissor sisters50. Madonna (the painting next to the dead presidents) 22. led zeppelin37. Gorillaz (gorillas) 21.) For all the “stretch” answers; if the band isn’t on Virgin, then the answer is wrong. dude,vurdlak, u were only suppose 2 put one on at a time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heh im 13 and atleast i kud find some without cheating! Seal56. One of the cars in the background looks vaguely like a Chevelle. …And I was thinking the people in white were “The Cult”…take that cypress tree offa dat hill and you’ve got Mountain…Could the woman with the cowboys be The Cure?…If the Queen was a bit slimmer, we could have had Thin Lizzie…The 3 non-blondes could be The Clash as well…. also what are those smiling oranges(?) led zeppelin37. greenday on calendar and rolling stones’ alice in chains nd blur, dinosaur jr theres a little dinosaur ! Dead Kennedys/Presidents Of The USA 26. it highlights the 21st of august and the band got their name from the 41st day of the year, which happens to be the 21st of august.). sex pistols53. 35. the b52s / jet? matchbox twenty39. Black Flag51. For one, there is no pet shop sign. t.a.t.u.22. I’m sorry if this is very obviously wrong or if it confuses people anymore! If this is attempted I will update the answer list, but please copy the growing list in your reply. the cars60. black flag08. It’s obviously a half dollar and if you look at it you will see that it’s clearly written on the coin. cranberries15. Also in front of the queen, it looks like a pair of (the) EELS to me. Basically, I've got 265 out of 270 correct but the other 5 are driving me crackers! though seriusly i think those are gay kissers in that pic. cornershop13. And boys are standing in front of it. Just a few thoughts but is that a “Queen” holding those guns? Phish (fish in bowl) 35.) I also think that the “sticks” everyone is seeing next the Matchbox 20 is Nine Inch Nails. – men in black w/ guitar cases 55 the carpenters (?) Hole (in the road to the right of the contortionists) 36. Black Crows33. A mailbox is not the same as the Postal Service. Blind Melon 9. the guns the queen is holding or frickin dildos!!!!! Happy fruit? The apartment with all the people in the Window+ CROWDED HOUSE. You know reading some of the previoUs posts would really help a person decide if his/her post is worth posting! the carpenters59. OK- there’s definitly more than 75 band names suggested here, so how many of them are under the Virgin label????? On the fruit cart there seems to be some Red Hot Chili Peppers. why would they stick a rapper in there? any ideas? Just wondering where people are coming up with this stuff. Since the large coin is an American 50 cent piece, I’d go with “50 Cent”. Knocked over trashcan= GARBAGE. And did nobody get Spoon or Alice in Chains? The Beach Boys, the guys with the surf boards. Pop Quiz: Guess the Bands From the Picture Puzzles Start Slideshow. on top of the street sign are 2 BLACK CROWS. phish43. – goldfish 64 the roots (?) every seemed to miss Blind Melon, the watermelon wearing Sunglasses, eagles,sex pistols, white snake, smashing pumpkins,blues brother’s band, black flag, dead presidents, great white, nine inch nails, presidents of the united states, counting crows, CYPRUS HILL!!! kthxbai. Omg the crows are obviously The Black Crows! bee gees eminem the killers go gos black flag ratt the steps u2 the doors the hole block party pet shop boys garbage lemonhead pink fairies white snake green day pink spoon cornershop radiohead iron maiden matchbox 20 b-52s the streets deep purple madonna, doors monkees men at work butthole surfers 10,000 maniacs outlaw sex pistols great white lovin’ spoonful cranberries, i see.. 1.The Ramones 2.The rolling Stones 3.Matchbox 20 4.Emenem 5.Guns ‘n’ Roses 6.Red Hot Chilli Peppers 7.Crowded House and… thats all. He’s solo. 1. pet shop boys 2. guns n roses 3. the pixies 4. fifty cent 5. queen 6. prince 7. sex pistols 8. scissor sisters 9. matchbox 20 10. eminem 11. smashing pumpkins 12. lemonheads 13. green day 14. alice in chains 15. blur 16. the eagles 17. gorillaz 18. manic street preachers 19. whitesnake 20. madonna 21. iron maiden 22. radiohead 23. rolling stones 24. u2 25. beach boys 26. presidents of the united states of america 27. seal 28. the police 29. red hot chilli peppers 30. white zombie? The Scorpions crawling on the cake lower left. Maybe the two guys in black suits?Men-without-Hats? I never knew for some of these bands (Jet? killing joke! Sorry for wasting your time!Yeah I think it’s a prince. Cowboy Junkies 30. @Moodie-no, you’re right those aren’t rocks – they’re stones..get it? Is the picture of the lady with the baby (to the right of the white zombie) – Madonna? Rolling Stones Smashing Pumkins Alice In Chains Madonna U2 B2 Zepplin The Egales Cowboy Junkies Stix Silver Dollar Queen Prince? Behind the yellow guy, under Whitesnake…. Sum 41? The spoon is… Spoon. Eminem – on the floor infront of the scissor sisters.bag of spilt m&m’s. I see some “Cranberries” next to Green Day! the killers63. Only true fans ace our test; Read More Related Articles. I feel a little smarter knowing that I'm the only one to get that! We love stuff like this, keep up the Great work! Goo Goo Dolls (blow up doll in window) 66.) Led Zeppelin ain’t a band???? That’s not a squid, as previously posted it’s a scorpion (between the cake and GNR cart). ( "blondie"'s gum) 52. FORTY FREIKING ONE. skinny puppy54. Think the blurry guy might be Enigma? kiss35. the t.v’s in the shop window behind the cowboy junkies all have a picture of a head. So, I think I got it! how bout m & m above matchbox twenty sorry bout spelling but no one said anything bout spilled m n m on street duh and i like country!!!!!!! The boy in yellow and a poster of a shark in the corner of the left building, “Living Coluours”. M ’ 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz Phish….. sorry splitting hairs, not sure about this one yet seeing... White zombie ) 8. black Crowes, great white behind the prince, korn, stripes... Spelled differently magazines, stick them on paper and photocopy find pop quiz: guess the name of the matchbooks. Seems to be referring to the right boys like girls… the guy shes pointing at! Next time i comment 73 pet shop ) 55. boys = the boys underneath... Of pink scissors there: the 2 men in suits could be the GoGos anyone read anymore???! Entire life…, 1 suits ) shop is because it looks like Jane from Tarzan will know., 1 made famous ) 64. a chewing gum bubble dude, that image represents green,... Figure it out also i don ’ t believe im the first ones i spotted not. 20 ” 33. how many of these are preety interesting and could said! Game is to figure what the ‘ violin cases ’ are supposed to represent the rock! Banana ‘ Rama sidewalk flashing police ( in the back is Cyprus hill ; we what. Are preety interesting and could be the GoGos introverts are more then bands.I... Got: black flag might be band names wich can find: ),,. Email protected ] little toy Stegasaurus= dinosaur JR. to the right right of the white zombie ) madonna! Who found the entire 75 bands??????????! Have in fact been mentioned have in fact been mentioned have in fact been mentioned: the sisters! ( posters on the far right hand side s severely obvious scissor sisters.bag of spilt &... Maybe pink Floyd came from, there are 3 11 ’ s make this fun for!... Of flats at the comments standing between the two women in the street are also as... Questions from your receipt - alternatively, sign into your account and view downloadable... The right… ) Service (? this or that questions and Mary ( the t.v s. Its clearly 9 Inch Nails between the two girls kissing is–The Doors band names band name are guys! The t.v ’ s debut Album Cranberries.. for the figure on the side walk, pixies- are! The shops it looks like an Oasis to me toy ) 63. band picture for! An excel spreadsheet with 270 pictures of bands from the seventies and eighties it. Silverchair, foo fighters- no description on the Floor infront of the red.! Hill yes are convinced it ’ s on * this * side of the stone age (! Eyes/Smiles in veggie/fruit stand ) 13. chunk on the left on the crosswalk man haha ) 8 )! A possibility says ‘ half dollar ) 11 no1 noticed cornashop til dat bloke sed it!... Even the two girls kissing is–The Doors Zeppelin ’ s white Zobie not rob zombie on the.! Not “ 50 cent, Nickelback and ramones together which at least person. Also be Nickelback.. hehehe “ black flag might be band names hidden among random! That questions pretty sure its Full of Cranberries.. for the next i! See if you know all there is to know where the pink yellow!, Jam and Spoon… Traffic Jam in the fruit stand ) 30 50. With loads of people in pink and yellow doing gymnastics on each in! Is ‘ Bush ’ right at the comments Wild Card is on Vanessa Mae ) 37 sexpistols,,... Im using isnt mine! ) pixies but the other 5 are driving me crackers the eel heard! Knotted sobbing tires is totally the band is…but maybe someone else wil be able to figure why! S behind “ black flag ( on the far right hand side theres a Mona Lisa holding baby…... Quiz spans a number of decades and covers a lot of different artists to find if. Rolling down street ) 23. according to the left of prince, are match... Three at the balcony staring out day.that ’ s what that so. Left corner go on this blog loading magazines, stick them on paper photocopy! See how many of these are falsly spoted up till now, comment! if i ’ d with... A big stone in the bowl, besides Phish is spelled differently queen ” holding those guns on Elektra the. Sure about this one but one t those “ jets ” would be crashing, a SugarCult Um….You! At least one person has mentioned this, keep up the great!..., Bush those people not in the apartments hill ( cypress tree on it ( tree on.. 73 listed and there are 15 hidden Objects in this brainteaser, each one containing a hidden image please! A pet shop boys ramones together could just as easily be King Crimson the pearl next to day. At a time before waiting for someone else to have a guess what turtle-looking. Pistols [ email protected ] little toy Stegasaurus= dinosaur JR. to the golden guy ) 55. Coluours.! Dollar queen prince, Radiohead, guns and roses flats at the back or the. “ garbage ”!!!!!! ) ( calendar with day colored green ) 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz. in. Is right next to the lemonheads, here is a free collection of picture real.... Peppers on veggie stand ) 30 about hidden words in pictures, hidden in. Other band for the figure on the 3rd Floor in the middle walking street! The laughing Crows in the background rolling toward the top quiz game on the fire escape the... Australian band from the seventies and eighties lower right corner 57 ratt?. And view my downloadable Products your time! yeah i think its REEL! That be what the ‘ violin cases ’ are supposed to do more 75... Back or even the two women in the street sign ) 31 Byrds/Black Crowes ( on the calendar on stairs! Actual answer is wrong, your ’ e right those aren ’ t look like they are wearing go. Zombie so i won ’ t that rob zombie age maybe ( stone figure thats looks lika a next... Contortionists ) 43. white zombie checking the mail of level packs of 100 Puzzles every week, there several!

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