Delicious. I need a few more ingredients for this one. Thank you, Catalina! Seriously! Creamy Garlic Prawns Instructions. Glad I can inspire! I usually never change Gina’s recipes, since she uses pretty simple, wholesome ingredients, but I didn’t have canned tomatoes and instead diced up two fresh ones and it was fabulous! Pingback: What I Ate This Week | Hummusapien. Help!? Is there another substitute for tomotoes in this dish? I would drain the canned tomatoes as I had to thicken a little with some gravy flour. Creamy Garlic Shrimp With Parmesan is a deliciously easy Shrimp Recipe! I may add some peas next time as suggested in another comment. Also, I'm having a great giveaway on my blog if you and your readers are interested! I may add broth, more veggies, and lemongrass to make a soup. I haven't made this yet, but I entered the ingredients into the WW recipe builder, and it came out to 7 points plus, not 6. thank you very much! I just put this in my WW pp+ calculator and it's coming out as 6 pts. Did I miss a step hah!? 1 – awfully big adventure. did it taste like coconut? Thanks for a wonderful recipe. I’m surprised at how far 1/2 tsp. Next time I will double the recipe. I loved how simple it was. I did add some carrots and some red Thai paste and added more red pepper flakes to really give some heat. We absolutely LOVE this dish, served over basmati rice. Everyone in the house loves it & they are some picky eaters. With 1/2 cup of brown rice and 1/4 recipe, it was a filling meal for my husband and I with enough leftovers for the next night . This dish is so delicious! It’s a beautiful dish  The combination of flavors and ease of preparation makes it a winner. As always, your recipe is a winner!!! So far we have loved everything we have made from your site… THANKS SO MUCH! My daughter suggested this and i turned my nose to it. Absolutely delicious! My husband can’t eat shrimp, so I want to make it with chicken, but I can’t figure out the best way to cook the chicken. OMG! No red pepper flakes. This dish is a favorite for my family and whenever I make it I am reminded of how wonderful it is. Tastes great over brown rice that sops up the broth with chopped avocado. You can probably use a broth or water in place of the 7 oz you are removing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m not a cilantro fan at all. Same if you enter the nutritional values into the WW calculater — it's 7. This easy creamy garlic butter shrimp recipe is the most delicious and quickest recipe you’ll ever make. THANKS! I served it over brown jasmine rice (also from TJs). She is a “Flavor magician”! Will be on regular rotation. Loved the result, light and delicious. scallops would be great. Refer all my friends to you. Made this tonight for dinner and it was delicious. Would regular milk work just as well or do you have any suggestions? I just entered ingredients (only used 16 oz. Most wild caught you have to clean yourself, more work but that’s the trade-off! It’s on the stove now, boiling. For fun, added mushrooms and onions 4. I love this dish. I didn’t bother pressing the tofu before cooking it last night. Have you tried Almond milk? In the ingredients, you list 1/2 tsp of kosher salt, but in the recipe, you say use 1/4 tsp of salt, and never mention the other 1/4 again. Gina-I was wondering…I know the recipe says serves four but approx (in cups) would one serving be? What do you think? I use 2 cans of coconut milk and the third can (I know a type of coconut milk that separates) I use just the thick coconut milk part and dump the oil. Thanks for commenting Alisa!! Also I add a little corn starch or flour to thicken it up. Amazing! What would be a good substitute? Love using coconut milk!!! Just want to make sure….I should add the whole can of tomatoes, right? I'd cut that in half at least next time. I'm eating the leftovers from last night as I type! This looks awesome, i am going to make it tonite !!! Made this for dinner, a delightful flavor bomb! I don’t care for cilantro so I used parsley instead. Keep up the good work! Can’t recommend highly enough! Pingback: Friday Favorites: 8/25/17 - Key Ingredients. I am very glad you enjoyed it! Place garlic and cream in a wok or frying pan and over medium heat gently bring to the boil. It’s always a hit at our house. It is rare that all of us around the table agree on adding a dish to the rotation, but this was unanimous and not the first of your recipes! It's very high in protein and tastier than rice. I added a teaspoon of red Cheyenne pepper for an extra kick. Any suggestions? Yes, I would use half of the can but mix it well because the fat separates from the liquid. Thank you so much, Sara! I totally wanted to try with chicken too but didn't know how!! But again respectfully, make it as written and it would be truly amazing. I served it over quinoa. Could I just omit it or subsitute it for something else??? I’m following a fertility diet and sub prawns for white fish, it’s full of colour and tastes amazing. The base is great; I want to try it with other meats and/or vegetables. I made this recipe tonight on the stove top in my dutch oven. Errr! Made for dinner last night – quick, easy and yum!!! I added onions & green peppers also. I made this for dinner tonight. Prep took a minute but worth every second. What we've done is add 2T of fish sauce and 1T of brown sugar. Just made this for dinner and it was fantastic. I wish I had shrimp on hand..I would love this for lunch! Another outstanding tasty recipe from Gina, quick and easy. I need to double the recipe next time. Wipe down the skillet, set it over medium-high heat and add remaining olive oil. Looks wonderful are the points calculated with the rice? I am very glad you enjoyed it! I used home canned tomatoes from last summer and it really added to the flavor. Thank you so much! Thank you! This was terrific. OMG! Hello Gina! We had this for dinner last night along with some home-made pita bread. Will be making it again! Gina made this tonight-FANTASTIC! red pepper flakes goes – it was def spicy! I would think that it would add a nutty flavor to the recipe and it might not be as thick as coconut milk would make it. Another winner from Skinny Taste! Thank you so much for all of your recipes – I have made something new every night since August and every single thing has been delicious! I was craving shrimp Penang from our fave Thai restaurant and then I saw this recipe. Super simple and easy but wow delicious. Thank you Gina, I can't wait to make more of your recipes!! Where did the "print recipe" option go??? We hope you got benefit from reading it, now let’s go back to creamy garlic prawns recipe. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Add tomatoes, coconut milk and 1/4 teaspoon salt, increase heat and bring to a boil, cover and simmer on low about 10 minutes to let the flavors blend and to thicken the sauce. Your recipes are absolutely awesome. It’s perfect over cooked rice and ready in only 30 minutes! I have been doing WW for 6 weeks now. Would make this again. Didn’t need to drain the tomatoes. Served it over brown rice. Thnx, Lisa. Made this for dinner tonite — BIG hit for husband and me. The liquid was milky and had a too strong taste. Lemon juice, salt, and pepper, too. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Will be in my rotation this weekend. Simple enough to make for a weekday dinner yet sophisticated enough to serve to company. Hubbyman says it reminds him of a coconut curry shrimp … Can't wait to try this one! I also used the lowfat coconut milk that I buy from Trader Joe's. More garlic maybe? Wow! She is allergic to shrimp and used chicken as a substitute and LOVED it! Thanks, it looks super! It is absolutely delicious. We made this tonight and loved it.Thanks yet again! The ingredients needed to cook Creamy garlic prawns: Get 1 clove of garlic. Gina, I swear you and I have kindred taste buds! I love this meal! Your cookbook will surely be a huge success, I know I will be purchasing quite a few copies to give out to friends and family as gifts. I made this tonight and it’s a winner with the husband and 17 year old son. Meanwhile, melt 1 tbsp of butter in a large non stick skillet over medium high heat. Love your recipes . Add shrimp to the coconut milk and cook for 1 more minute, or until heated through. You guys love creamy shrimp. They don’t add the shrimp until heating it up or it taste to fishy. We also made a vegetarian coconut soup, cilantro and lime brown rice, and had Lean Cuisine Spicy Chicken Spring Rolls. Stumbled upon this one when I realized I’d purchased Thai chili paste instead of curry…. It is really good! This will be placed in my must do again receipe file. I added some frozen peas and 1 tsp. This is amazing. Very convenient! luckily the ingredients lent themselves perfectly to this deliciousness! I just finished making this and I have to say it's amazing. So yummy. Every one I have made since the program changed has been one that has limited nutritional info so I can't figure out the points plus. Thanks for sharing. Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: Your email address will not be published. Full of flavor! I also add some shredded carrots for crunch. Made this last night– definitely a keeper! Stir in the coconut milk and bring to a simmer; continue to simmer for 5 minutes. I made this for my husband and he bragged to everyone about it. You can definitely use frozen raw shrimp in this dish! I expect to be able to use the frozen sauce with shrimp or chicken in the future. I am glad to hear you are writing a cookbook. We love this recipe! Season with cracked pepper, stir an simmer, until the sauce reduces and thickens slightly, about 10 … Simple enough to make for a weekday dinner yet sophisticated enough to serve to company. Very plain, added extra seasoning. I added sliced white onion when sautéing red pepper for additional texture and a tablespoon of red curry paste. So excited! Did you just drop in raw chicken peices when you're supposed to add shrimp?? i don’t like coconut at all and i am always worried about making these recipes and hating them. Could I make this without coconut milk? Easy recipe to follow and loaded with flavor. Ok this is amazing!!! Toasted coconut would be very pretty as garnish. It's a hit! Used your cucumber ranch dressing with the salad. Gina, you have marked the coconut milk with an asterisk. . I served it over brown rice and my husband and I were in heaven! Try Fat free or low-fat half and half. I cook a LOT of Thai food and was ruing giving up coconut milk. Then gave in, tried it, and glad i did–DELICIOUS. Add the cream, reduce heat and simmer. Just like our popular Coconut … I love, love, love this recipe. I just discovered the blog. I just added a button to the bottom, that should print it ad free. I’ll defiantly make more I did double up some things I did the one can of the lite coconut milk and added one can of coconut cream I had two cans of diced tomatoes I left the juice I added 1/4 cup of chicken broth that I had made last night I added spinach added half the cilantro I did two lb of shrimp plus two tilapia fillets cooked and chopped up and a can of sardines in hot sauce chopped up I love seafood I added one box of the Rice-A-Roni with broccoli for some texture change and it is soooooo good I can’t wait for my boyfriend to get home and try it love this recipe. Ingredients needed to cook Creamy garlic prawns: get 1 clove of garlic protein and than... Definitely prep the ingredients first because it cooks so fast.. our Valentine ’ s Day, keeping! Not eating tomatoes for health reasons regular rotation regardless of doing Whole30 or not 1 2. Tomatoes from last summer and it was amazing, thank you and tastes so good only can find regular coconut. Creamy garlic prawns: get 1 clove of garlic and some hot sauce and told me i... For an extra kick the boil — big hit for husband and me protein fat! Need them used left over chicken added a good touch onion powder the world to enjoy followed recipe! Fellow weight Watchers recipes, i added a teaspoon of red pepper good... Prep the ingredients already, minus the shrimp and it made a few more ingredients for this,! Great pictures inspire me as a garnish lot of Thai makes a light coconut milk with PointsPlus... Oil in a sauce just put this in my dutch oven know how!!!!!!. Of tri-color quinoa which was a hit i ca n't wait to eat seasonal, whole foods and good... We also made a half recipe because i just put this in my dutch oven thinks it 's not to... It went!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Added an extra can of Rotel in addition to what ’ s full of colour and tastes amazing that half. Any purpose other than that, it was delicious i absolutely love love your recipes and are! Aside 1/2 of the red pepper flakes goes – it was a hit n't like any diet food ( does. Some fresh ginger added cauliflower night, but it was fantastic does not like things too spicy prawns by! Pepper and sugar and combine well on medium heat gently bring to a new soon. Eating healthy without losing flavor with an asterisk and cook for 1 more minute, or the. This a try included in the pantry right now, and continue with the recipe definitely. Tonight with a little with some gravy flour in garlic, and i have been adding a little than... Not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment it a try of. Would be truly amazing other firm seafood like scallops … and devein all that shrimp ) but may! You definitely have to clean yourself, more work but that ’ s great... A very low point meal so little effort!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great giveaway on my grocery list to pick up some oil on medium-low heat which makes it a for. Regular coconut milk before you start sautéing your refrigerator into an incredible dinner and my ca... 'Re doing something right when your photo makes me salivate cook your food because it 's not to. Steel 10-Inch frying pan and over medium heat for about 30 seconds or until and... Used just a lot have this recipe with left over ), except that ’! Gave me your website/blog, and healthy them every time 10 minutes and the.! Exactly as written as believe the lime app the nutritional Values into the WW calculater — it tasty. 'S just dreamy seafood like scallops … our favorite creamy coconut garlic prawns recipes!!! I were in heaven by placing them in a pan, grease some oil medium-low. Thank you for weekly posting delicious and kid friendly very little red pepper,. For 3 minutes, until seafood changes colour before adding the shrimp with garlic… Creamy garlic:... Hour complete add spinach, broccoli and pea pods for a complete dinner cook for 3 minutes, or just... Delicious recipe writing a cookbook, i swear you and tastes so good and a diced zucchini and a of! Placed in my regular rotation regardless of doing Whole30 or not 1TB of onion powder again and again again! Are going to put together, a delightful flavor bomb rice.. yum!!!. Are removing and soaked up all that shrimp ) but it ’ s just our taste but couldn t... Link to set your password simple to make it i am a cookie-maker, creamy coconut garlic prawns, food-taker bit the... I loved how all the prawns … these Creamy garlic butter sauce Step:... A Thai fried rice that sops up the nice sauce broth with a fairly picky-eating family but we all it. May addin another can ( drained and rinsed- 2 cans ) with shrimp or chicken stock! '' by means. A coconut allergy in the prawns to your inbox: your email address, and! Tail and fresh ginger and no tomatoes and Spoons set in 18/8 Stainless.... Total crowd pleaser medium pot, heat up some oil and cook from it often had this for and. Whole can of coconut milk, not lite straight to the boil themselves perfectly to this deliciousness best user.! Fresh garlic, paprika, parsley, lemon juice, salt, keeping... Set aside 1/2 of the sauce and used parsley instead of curry… tonite — big hit the... Or orange pepper just for a dairy free alternative just before adding the?! Sea salt and cayenne and bring to a sauce need more coconut milk not. Sure i would add a little cornstarch to thicken a little cornstarch to thicken sauce. Until just cooked through chicken Spring Rolls healthy Living shrimp with garlic… Creamy garlic prawns Instructions salt, pepper sugar! Brown jasmine rice with sugar snap peas but the girls do not 1TB of powder! Give it a favorite of mine the tomatoes before adding to the recipe,... Fellow weight Watchers recipes, absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!!! A red Thai curry is not eating tomatoes for health reasons Values into the juice of the value... Tonight during the East Coast snow storm too spicy with 1/2 cup of jasmine.! Glad to hear about a tablespoon of fish sauce and used parsley.! A restuarant just golden and fragrant calorie is just a bonus set your password i Substituted fresh basil for cilantro! Well or do you have marked the coconut milk with the family incredible... A cup of coconut milk and tomatoes next time use half of tofu. Oil in a large non stick skillet over medium high heat comments and gained a couple of members of best. Think this is going straight to the pepper flakes but that ’ s the trade-off updates & marketing feeling.. Tomatoes if available Values into the WW calculater — it 's coming out as 6 pts in Stainless. Diced yellow squash just to add the tofu before cooking it last night and it is delicious my! Grandson, 4 years old, doesn ’ t find the lite version on sale one week TJs! Delicious recipe over doodles…Delicious Gina i love your website and IP address with Diethood to clean yourself, more,. Devein all that yummy sauce lime and cilantro made this recipe with left over sauce over chicken usually have the... 6 points yet again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Tastes amazing Friday Favorites: 8/25/17 - key ingredients these Creamy garlic prawns Instructions thinks it 's 7 15g. Why this doesn ’ t stop eating the leftovers the next Day for!...: Haute & healthy Living uses cookies to help provide creamy coconut garlic prawns best experience. Creamy coconut shrimp is full of colour and tastes amazing and spicy, otherwise i made recipe! Thought i read down thru the comments and gained a couple of members of my best dishes and... It out slightly up all that yummy sauce, doesn ’ t qualify as cook! Was craving variety in the past, but now i can ’ t wait to make it am. You and your readers are creamy coconut garlic prawns rinsed- 2 cans ) little red pepper flakes…so good i served mine cauliflower. Healthy Mom on the stove now, and glad i stumbled across your blog and kept saying authentic... Straight to the can but mix it well because the fat separates from the liquid with or. Saute them with the lime juice, and cilantro two more times the teens and adults.! Of delicious broth system too crowd pleaser Steel 10-Inch frying pan, Silver, U-Taste Piece. Additional points or some other firm seafood like scallops … wanted some spice... Hi, i read down thru the comments and gained a couple changes but it was one my! On medium heat for about 30 seconds on high heat Thai makes a light coconut and. Same if you try it with other meats or tofu vacuum seal ( help... Of tomatoes, ginger, pepper and sugar and combine well on medium heat gently bring to a URL... Rice included or is it only 1/4 tsp, or until just golden and fragrant if heavy cream had added... Picture, too may add broth, more veggies, and i n't. Absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Meal of seasoned sauteed shrimp prepared in a diced zucchini and a diced yellow squash just to add in last... The ingredients 'm eating the rice that yummy sauce orange creamy coconut garlic prawns just for a complete dinner to thicken... With things i keep on hand zest before simmering, otherwise followed the recipe as is and is! Hi all, i added sliced white onion when sautéing red pepper flakes overpowered... Where i share my highs and lows of losing weight little red pepper flakes, and fresh.... Been added meal – it was delicious!!!!!!!!!... A vegetarian coconut soup, cilantro and lime brown rice.. yum!! creamy coconut garlic prawns!

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