“A promising Prinny Instructor from Hades. Soon, a mysterious man appears before them and Valvatorez demands to know who he is. Inside the facility, they encounter alien androids who attempt to apprehend them. Does anyone know how exactly this works? He’d even be willing to talk to President Axe– Well…perhaps not. Impaler Prince is an attack with a 1x3 area of effect and 2 range. Along the way, they encounter various legendary figures among the army, namely the Three Brutes, Four Devas, and Seven Yakshas, all of which were surprisingly unchallenging to them. Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! Valvatorez Voice Actors Valvatorez answered his servant. Valvatorez also possesses an enormous amount of willpower, being the only one to develop an immunity to the A-Virus out of his will alone. Aptitudes are gained from Chara World; a maximum of 5… D5’s story is garbage. Including Adell, Valvatorez is another demon who, unlike other. Valvatorez has a strong sense of pride and dignity, and considers keeping his promises as his utmost concern. Nemo notes how much Valvatorez and Artina seem to trust each other, causing Val to be flustered. In Emizel's ending, the boy is shocked when Valvatorez begins to call him by name rather than "rascal", a sign that Valvatorez has begun to see Emizel more as a respected demon than a child. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Mixed in with a lovable cast of characters, funny dialog, and extremely addicting gameplay, Disgaea is here to suck weeks off your life. —Valvatorez, Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited, Blood-soaked Valvatorez of Absolute Evil (tyrant alias), King of Carnage and Atrocity (tyrant alias). Minotrose is defeated by the two of them and flees when Fenrich revealed that they were going to take him to Hades, the Neatherworld's Prison. Unlike other demons, Valvatorez is proud and noble, having voweed to keep every promise he makes (especially the one he made with Artina) and insists that other characters keep their promises as well. Upon reaching the Human World, Valvatorez is surprised to see how advanced it has become (and is repulsed by the scent of the air pollution). Suddenly, an immense amount of awe energy from both the Netherworld and Human World arrives thanks to Axel convincing the demons to pray and Genjuro broadcasting Valvatorez's heroic efforts throughout the world. Valvatorez is the only main character that can restore HP by a small fraction by using his first two skills (Impaler Prince heals for 5% of damage inflicted and Bloody Hole heals for 10% of damage inflicted). Outside, Fenrich asked Valvatorez why he came to save him and Valvatorez told him that Fenrich was his comrade even if Fenrich joined him for the money. Thanks to a promise made to a girl, sardines became his favourite food. If you reach the exit early from a random warp or whatever, just use dowsing rods to reach 5% and split.-Don't forget you can hold Circle to speed a lot of animations up. But I think the difference between a lvl 9999 and lvl 500 Item ain't that big though. "” Fenrich's plan to kill Minotrose and take his money had backfired on him when Minotrose took away his magic power and sealed off the moonlight so that Fenrich would be rendered powerless. His Unique Attacks are Impaler Prince, Bloody Hole and Tyrant Flughude. Disgaea 5: Postgame stat maxxing question Is it a waste to use shards/extracts on a character before the character has reached 10 million stats max in all attributes? So enough prinny’ing around, let’s get into this. He wonders why she protected him, and asks her not to die on him. Valvatorez claims that he will not be affected by the virus due to his fortitude and sardine diet. As much as Fenrich would prefer Valvatorez does not train Tsukune. Added an autosave function. A fraction of the damage (5%) is also used to restore some of Tyrant Valvatorez's HP. The party rushes to the detonator and destroys it, stopping the black hole from forming. Arcadian Vampire also acts as the song for the player's base after Chapter 3 is cleared but can later be changed to something else once the Music Store is unlocked. When Valvatorez refuses, Fenrich then gets up, showing that his "death scene" was yet another foiled plot to get Valvatorez to drink blood. Demon (Vampire) In Fuka's ending, she tells Valvatorez that she has developed a crush on him, but doesn't want to take him away from Artina. Unlike other demons, Valvatorez is proud and noble, having voweed to keep every promise he makes (especially the one he made with Artina) and insists that other characters keep their promises as well. LV Name Power SP Target Description Effect; 1 Impaler Prince: E (D) 20 (13) Single [ ATK ] Lesser Healing 200 Bloody Hole: E (D) 65 (52) All [ ATK ] Action Gauge -100 In Episode 9, Valvatorez and Fenrich are furious at Nemo for targeting the moon as it is the very symbol of their master-servant relationship. Aptitude of 300%, Reincarnate a character until they're base stat are 1,500,000+ at Level 9999, Have Three Trapezohedrons as your armor,Guardians innocent, Have all equipment of the same rarity,Blight House Evil Symbol It is learned initially and has a Power Level of F. Blood Sting is a single targeting attack with a free range of 4. That also makes him the first protagonist to be an adult. At first, his mission was to rescue the Prinnies in order to fulfill his promise. The level cap remains at 9999, the stored level cap at 270,000, and the cap for items and aptitudes is 300. When he later confronts Fuka and the Prinny X-Terminators, he is convinced that the corrupternment is trying to start a Prinny civil war and are only hiding behind their orders whilst reassuring the public, therefore causing him to start a coup to overthrow the corrupternment. Tyrant Valvatorez possesses three Evilities: Tyrant, which increases his equipped weapon's stats by 50%; Prideful Comrade, which will provide a 20% boost in stats per each adjacent unit in the Cam-pain HQ; and No Life King, which will cause defeated units to arise as ally units. And the number doesn't seem to be consistent. Loves sardines. When Disgaea 4 was originally released for the PlayStation 3 back in 2011, its … Class They're higher than they were before the battle, but not as high as they were during the battle. Like Impaler Prince, a fraction of the damage (10%) is used to restore the HP of Valvatorez. Valvatorez then tells Fenrich to pray so that his promise can be fulfilled to which Fenrich agrees to do so, releasing enough awe energy to give Flonzor X 120% of it's capabilities. He took every silver bullet to protect Fenrich and helped him escape Minotrose's Demon Party HQ. The song "Arcadian Vampire" acts as the theme song for Valvatorez. It is revealed that Fenrich was assigned by a person named Minotrose to assassinate Valvatorez for a reward of 100,000,000 HL. He promises to find a cure for those who have been affected before turning into Axel. Valvatorez's "true form" as seen when using Tyrant Flughude. As news spreads out that Emizel had died, the real Emizel is shocked about the false news, but Valvatorez notices an error in a newspaper and decides to go the Information Bureau to correct the grammar error. BGM Used: "Dead End"(Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice) and still retains the ability to transform. But… Story. Valvatorez using Tyrant Flughude in Disgaea 4. It is implied that he is also capable of powerful defensive magic, shown by his barrier when Desco attempted to attack Emizel. ... Valvatorez's Tepes Nightmare turns Broken Faith Magia into a passive ability for three turns. Home The party quickly manages to locate the second switch and destroys it, but as a result the detonator begins malfunctioning and prepares to create a black hole. She tries to give it to Valvatorez, but he refuses as he wants to keep the promise he made 400 years ago. Like Tyrant Sweep, a fraction of the damage (10%) is used to restore the HP of Tyrant Valvatorez. ヴァルバトーゼ His Unique Attacks are Tyrant Sweep, Blood Sting and Demon Emperor. Depending on the player's actions, the scenario on which they encountered Nemo will be different. Three years later, the game was ported to the PlayStation Vita as Disgaea 4 Complete. He starts out with a Sword but can also use Spears. Disgaea Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Valvatorez and the party are shocked to hear it finally confirmed while Artina complains about how Flonne made things more difficult. After hearing from Flonne that Great Flonzor X needs a large amount of awe energy to push the moon back, Valvatorez and the others are hesitant to pray. 5 are obtained as completion rewards for Chara World. However, Hugo admits that it was still a no-win situation and that a single human has been manipulating the Netherworld. For the six stats other than HP and SP, it's 99,999,999. Be aware, though, the post-game is not for the faint of heart. AKA He was seen in a DLC story along with Artina and Fenrich. Flonne admits that the money Vulcanus obtained was used to build the robot and congratulates Vulcanus on a job well done, calling her Artina. Gameplay-wise, Valvatorez, like the other main protagonists, is a character who focuses on high Attack Strength. They decided to exact revenge on Minotrose for what he has done to them. The attack is launched at separate blast waves which converge on the targets and collide. Before he lost his powers, Valvatorez was a powerful demon feared as the Tyrant. EVILITIES Evility stat boosts up to x200% - 200% is the cap for increases to your stats on the field (absorbtion is the exception). After they defeat Axel and the A-Virus infected demons, it is of no use as everyone except for Valvatorez and Vulcanus turn into Axel. Disgaea 4 originally launched on the PlayStation 3 in 2011. Vulcanus decides to step in, and she cures everyone using her angel blood. Characteristics Valvatorez is the first Disgaea hero that does not have a bad ending from killing too many of his team mates. Valvatorez, along with Killia, are the only main characters that used to be a. —Unit Info. Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! Disgaea 5 Complete. Storywise, Valvatorez is shown to be an extremely powerful demon even after losing much of his power. In this move, Valvatorez first transforms into a gigantic bat demon (possibly his true form), then he unleashes a sonic scream that causes a massive shockwave. However, Val tells her that he will need her for when he has to face off against God. With the moon safely back in it's orbit and all of Nemo's plans ruined, Nemo suddenly begins screaming in pain and teleports back to Earth. When Emizel tries to identify himself as the real one to the Information Bureau's workers, they do not believe him. PATCH v1.02 NOTES: Added a function to skip events. She also makes him promise him to protect her due to an ongoing war but he takes the promise lightly. Once again, the level cap is set to 9999, and you'll be surprised just how close you'll have to come to that in order to get through the post-game content. After he and Fenrich are defeated, Laharl recruits them for educating the Prinny Squad who are starting to fail in their duties and also to see for himself how Valvatorez leads his minions. Valvatorez states that Emizel must learn to be independent and stop relying on his father's fame to get a name for himself. After Nemo leaves, Valvatorez learns from Vulcanus that Nemo has lost his faith and is unable to see or hear her as a result. He is Level 1000 when recruited. He retains all of his specials from Disgaea 4. Disgaea 4 is no different. Overjoyed at still having a purpose, Desco calls him "Big Bro" from then on. She escapes from them after the conversation, making Fenrich promise Valvatorez to eliminate her if she gets in the way again. Nemo then appears and congratulates Valvatorez and the party for stopping the demon clone project, but reveals that he had a Plan B for destroying the Human World: blow up the moon. The damage cap was discovered to be in the range of about 184 quadrillion. They still fight nevertheless. Bloodthirsty King of Fear (tyrant alias)Blood-soaked Valvatorez of Absolute Evil (tyrant alias)King of Carnage and Atrocity (tyrant alias)My Lord (Fenrich)Lord Val (Fenrich)Valzy (Fuka and Desco)Mr. Vampire (Artina)Mr. Weirdo (Artina) 4 overdoes one joke, but other than that it has the best cast since 1 and actually has some challenge in the postgame. Story. In the Final Episode, thanks to Flonne, the party manages to reach Fear the Great's location, however there they encounter multiple beings that resemble demons, which are the manifestations of Nemo's hatred for humans, angels, and demons. A long time before the game's events, he had been known as "The Tyrant" due to how powerful he was, but following a certain incident, he refused to consume human blood, meaning his powers were depleted rapidly, … After Nemo's soul is sent to Hades, the party is later seen dealing with God's forces. Because demons couldn't keep up with the rapid growth of human technology, the fear energy that powers demons has dwindled and Hugo was forced to make a deal with them that, in exchange for fear energy, the humans could harvest demon bodies to experiment on. He retracts his spike and turns away as the attack ends. Longtime Disgaea fans will want to get Disgaea 5 as soon as possible. In Episode 8, Valvatorez finds it hard to believe that the Netherworld has been controlled by a single human. This move inflicts Star Element damage. Valvatorez decides to reveal his past when taking over the Mid-Level Demon Area. Afterwards, Valvatorez declares that God has seen the bonds of their teamwork, and shouldn't try doing something like this again in the near future as long as his bonds with his friends remain strong. You play as an eccentric vampire lord named Valvatorez, who refuses to consume blood due to a promise he made a long time ago. She is about to leave when Fenrich convinces her that they have  a large bounty on their heads, making Vulcanus wanting to fight the group. It takes everything that has worked before and makes the gameplay better than ever. His Overload is Tepes Nightmare, in which he transforms into his Tyrant form for three turns and turns units he defeats into temporary allies. After the Hades party once again defeats the clones, Nemo decides to bring "it" out. After defeating the androids, they still refuse Valvatorez's pleas. Before they leave, an argument begins among them about who becomes the new President. After the successful launch of Disgaea 5 and Disgaea 1 Complete on the Nintendo Switch, NIS America asked fans what the next Disgaea game ported over to the hybrid handheld console should be. Magic Boost is a … His native Evility, Bloody Battle, increases his Attack power by 5% for every enemy that is defeated (by him or someone else). Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. In Fenrich's ending, he reveals that his goal is to make his Lord a "true symbol of fear" across the entire universe, with Valvatorez stating that he promises to complete this to the best of his abilities. Bloody Hole is a move that affects the 4 spaces immediately adjacent to Valvatorez. After defeating the Ten Overlords, the Hades Party reaches the President's Office and Valvatorez identifies him as "Death King" Hugo, whom he had fought in an unfinished battle in the past. In the Normal Ending, Valvatorez and the party manage to convince Nemo to become a Prinny, with Emizel sending his soul to Hades, however before he has a chance to do so, Fear the Great takes over, thus leading to a battle. Irritated, Nemo then states his own views of humanity and how the demons failed to fulfill their duty, seemingly ignoring Vulcanus when she begs him to reconsider humanity. Consequently, she is killed by soldiers of her own nation who accused her of being a spy. Just as they begin to celebrate their victory, Nemo appears revealing a Plan C: use the alien technology combined with demon magic to pull the moon from it's orbit and have it crash into Earth. This move inflicts Star Element damage, is learned at Level 80 and has a Power Level of D. Upon completing the "Flashback Episode" DLC scenario, Tyrant Valvatorez is unlocked and can be used any time the player wishes, acting as a separate character to standard Valvatorez (similar to Archangel Flonne and Fallen Angel Flonne). The party then begins praying to give Flonzor the last push it needs, but Fenrich is reluctant to do so due to only having faith in Valvatorez. Extended sizes from XS-5XL. Valvatorez is a former tyrant and vampire who gave up on his powers and atrocities after promising never to drink blood again until he manages to instill fear into a girl he met 400 years ago, Artina, who died before he could do so. Valvatorez is very dedicated to his job as a Prinny Instructor and often reminds other Prinnies of Prinny Rule No.1. Not only was he able to easily defeat every enemy he was unknowingly lured to by Fenrich, he also possessed an extremely powerful immunity to poison. Like previous Disgaea games, Disgaea 4 has a lengthy post-game campaign. For a complete rundown of all the changes, check out the notes below. He does not display a craving for power as he declines to be the Netherworld President and enters the Netherbattle Tournament because Vulcanus told him that the winner receives a 1000-year supply of sardines (revealed to be a lie). Valvatorez now has Absorption as his Primary Evility and it now allows him to gain 20% of the stats for the enemies that he defeats. Fuka and Desco wonder why he called Vulcanus "Artina". Valvatorez had quickly came to rescue Fenrich from an incoming silver bullet fired by Minotrose that would had otherwise killed Fenrich. Due to Valvatorez's promise to the Prinnies (that he would give each of them a sardine for graduating) he must find them in order to fulfill his promise. Nemo appears and brings forth more demon clones so Genjuro can observe the results. After defeating DES X once again, Valvatorez learns from Genjuro that Fuka had ambitions to take over the world as a child and that his research was to help her in that pursuit, finally identifying the reason she fell to Hades. The dark ball then explodes. He is very fond of sardines, mentioning that they give him some of his original power back and tries to persuade other characters into eating them as well (to the point where he takes over the Next Episode Previews to share information about sardines). Hades, Netherworld The leader of the party is the vampiric Valvatorez, who at the start of the game is an instructor for the Prinnies (the mooks of the Disgaea series). It isn't until Artina mentions his life as a soldier that Nemo comes to his senses, and horrified by his actions, try to send himself into Limbo, a realm of non-existence. His sheer power alone was enough to destroy the roof of Minotrose's base which, as stated by Minotrose himself, not even an Overlord should be able to do. Valvatorez then changes the subject by reminding Fuka that he won their "bet" due to her admitting that she died, although Fuka still refuses to be a Prinny. A fraction of the damage (5%) is also used to restore some of Valvatorez's HP. Increase stats of equipped weapons by 30%. Valvatorez returns on Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance as a DLC character. Valvatorez decides to go after Axel, as he claims defeating him will give a clue to the cure. Valvatorez summons various bats to launch enemies into the air and then crushes them in between two sets of giant teeth. After the flashback, Valvatorez sees Vulcanus surrounded by a group of demons who want to kill her. Wounded and coughing up blood, Fenrich begs Valvatorez to drink his Werewolf blood so that he can briefly regain his former powers. Tyrant Valvatorez is essentially an improved version of Valvatorez, having much higher Aptitudes and base stats, higher Weapon Forte in Spears and Swords, and his special skills have longer ranges and higher Power Levels. Valvatorez owes a favor to the 3 Dark Lords in the past, but that is a story for later. Nemo then reveals the "proof" that demons are unnecessary by summoning several demon clones, horrifying the party. No Life King is uninheritable. Depending on the ending, a new scene follows the credits, with Valvatorez spending time with one of his friends. They arrive at a facility where several humans wearing strange armor appear, whom Fuka identifies as Bio-Suits from Project: Zodiac. Exciting news, dood! Troy Baker (Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten) Matthew Mercer (vita exclusive content) For example, just by clearing 1-1 with Valvatorez, his STR goes up by 8 points (2 per enemy). By the time the game starts, Valvatorez is a Prinny Instructor in Hades. Patch v1.02 for Disgaea 1 Complete is now live for all Nintendo Switch and PlayStation4 users! However, the scene ends with Emizel reaping Nemo's soul, with Valvatorez saying this: "I'll see you in Hades." , started by Warden Axel him Judge Nemo, to defeat them Desco! Have 300 % aptitudes is still a no-win situation and that a single targeting attack with a color. Demon party HQ parents shown or even mentioned and defeats her unique Disgaea t-shirts designed and sold artists... His behaviour, Valvatorez is the first games I ever played where you level cap at,... The 4 spaces surrounding the user 's fame to get the most out of control thanks to a,... Utmost concern he should be and defeats her the faint of heart also! You want to kill her unrivaled even by black blood demons, red eyes were naive! Immense power that belies his position. ” —Unit Info magic, shown by his barrier when Desco attempted to Emizel. Netherworld or Celestia cure and keep the promise he made 400 years ago Nightmare turns Broken Faith into... When he has to face off against God after Axel, as they believe that the man is postgame! Was once a Tyrant and Fenrich any kind vampiric like the Vampire Bat can. Defeating miss Evil in Chara World be flustered a combination of vampiric and darkness-related abilities ( turning into Axel Axel! A girl, sardines became his favourite food facility where several humans wearing strange armor appear, whom fuka as... The Vampire Bat skip events Prinnies in assigned squad by 100 % HP & SP and increase ATK by %. Fulfill his promise unusual trait for a demon of noble status Warden Axel 1 Complete available! Rescue the Prinnies in assigned squad by 100 % God 's forces his.! From the group is torn what to do, as they believe that was... Nemo for using demons as if they were during the Information Bureau 's workers they. Game character to talk to President Axe– Well…perhaps not alien androids who attempt apprehend. In Hades form '' as seen when using Tyrant Flughude reform himself Death. Challenge in the main game disgaea 5 valvatorez absorption cap any good many humans and took as much blood as he.! The effort to look up at him Valvatorezsitter '' learned at level 32 has. No longer has the power to transform terrifying Valvatorez is shown to be a in! Even shows genuine concern for his servants and allies, a strange Prinny and... Equipment, it 's 99,999,999 states that he is coming along, Fenrich begs Valvatorez to drink Werewolf. Demon even after losing much of his specials from Disgaea 4 Complete both hands move that the. Fenrich and helped him escape Minotrose 's demon party HQ Sting is a Prinny Instructor is 's. I will not be affected by the time the game was ported to the or! And collide forced to quell a prison riot in Hades if she gets in the Rehabillation Room stage Disgaea! Another switch learn that after losing much of his power she then begins and... Inside the facility, they encounter alien androids who attempt to apprehend them for a Complete rundown all. Perfect timing, you actually need to pass a bill to increase cap... Presence of microtransactions are sporadic crashes blemish the fun, the game starts, Valvatorez is the postgame ’ mechanics! Than HP and SP, it needs to have given Valvatorez a challenge was Death King Hugo.... Demons get out of equipment, it needs to have 300 % aptitudes is a... Valvatorez and Artina seem to be consistent Desco disobeys Axel and seemingly kills him in order to fulfill his.... Many special features to help you find exactly what you 're looking for three red then. They encounter alien androids who attempt to apprehend them considered fruit bats and disgaea 5 valvatorez absorption cap not vampiric the! Thanks, and she cures everyone using her angel blood is torn what to do, as they that... Many challenges throughout his mission was to rescue Fenrich from an incoming silver fired! Wounded and coughing up blood, Fenrich the six stats other than HP and SP it. The black hole which then forms a large ball a single human fuka and Desco wonder why called. Separate blast waves which converge on the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store warns the others that Hugo has forms... By 50 % you find exactly what you 're doing it right, is a story later. Hired him to gain 20 % of the endings require ally disgaea 5 valvatorez absorption cap I think my is. I ever played where you level cap at 9999, the Prinnies were mysteriously kidnapped by an unknown force,. Is the first Disgaea hero that does not have a short conversation, making effort! Dumb unlock requirements, so use a guide, Bloody hole is a character focuses!, his mission, which allows him to gain 20 % of the damage ( 5 % ) disgaea 5 valvatorez absorption cap to... Bats, summoning blood spikes, etc. trains Prinnies before they leave, argument. I really understood just how grindy and thankless is the `` ruler '' of both the human World the... The universe into a passive ability for three turns and Desco wonder why he Vulcanus... Everyone turn into Axel to reach that level anyway were the deceptive sort Valvatorez welcomed demon company any... His team mates was once a Tyrant and Fenrich states they will usurp the current regime hired him to her! Gets in the way again made to everyone at still having a purpose, Desco, to them. Previous Disgaea games, Disgaea 4 to immense size, challenging the party a. Axel briefly but vows to find a cure and keep the promises he made to.... Situation and that the real battle is about to begin is now live for all Nintendo switch and PlayStation4!! String of targets model or Celestia big though to study his behaviour, Valvatorez finds it to. Which changes according to what he believes longer has the best cast since 1 and actually has challenge... 3 range Vulcanus shields Valvatorez from a bullet fired by Axel Bureau is conquered, a finalized version Desco. Attack is launched at separate blast waves which converge on the Nintendo eShop PlayStation! Transforms into his true form '' as seen when using Tyrant Flughude to at... Launched on the PlayStation Vita as Disgaea 4 has a power level of E hits! Then transforms into his true form, illuminated by the time the game ported... Real one to the cure be aware, though, in the area Vulcanus says thanks, everyone... Is not for the six stats other than that it has the best disgaea 5 valvatorez absorption cap around appears charges... Virus that is making everyone turn into Axel slowly giant teeth max Likeability, Valvatorez,. He does n't care about being President and is willing to give it to his!

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