Occupation [30], Laughing over the top of them, Cobra heeds Brain's order to kill Natsu and Happy, gleefully stating that they'd make a wonderful snack for Cubellios. [74], Cobra's render in Gekitotsu! [51] Hearing Jellal state that he alone is enough for the five of them, Cobra realizes that he came at Doranbolt's behest. Natsu then goes on the offensive, charging at Cobra; Cobra dodges Natsu's first two strikes, but is nicked by third and taken aback. Using their Lacrima phones or other magical devices. Many allies and enemies alike never treat him lightly; he is one of the very few people Natsu takes seriously and acts hostile towards. He also has noticeably pointed ears, which helps with his enhanced hearing abilities. Like the other members of the Oración Seis, Erik is confident and enjoys seeing his opponents suffer. Midnight then commands Cobra and Angel to stop Fairy Tail, as Racer was unable. Cobra then states as the he is the Poison Dragon Slayer, his very touch destroys everything, dodging every one of Natsu's attacks and countering with one of his own. As the rest of the Oración Seis discuss what to do next, Cobra stops them, and tells them that they have company; in front of them appear Jellal Fernandes and Meredy. Seeing Jellal overpower Angel as well, Cobra looks at his opponent with unease. [27], Cobra tries to stop Nirvana's destruction, Cobra then moves to confront Jellal and proceeds to learn that Jellal has placed a Square of Self-Destruction on Nirvana. Though it is one of the smallest guilds in Fiore, comprised of only six members, it wholly lives up to its purported strength, forcing Fairy Tail to team up with Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale and Cait Shelter, just to fight it. エリック [4], Team Natsu is shocked to see them, the Reborn Oración Seis, appear with the Infinity Clock before their own eyes. [22], Enhanced Durability: Erik has proven himself to be a very durable fighter; he has been seen enduring a barrage of powerful melee strikes from Natsu, enhanced by his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, without receiving major injuries and continuing the battle afterwards as if nothing had happened. In X791, Erik seems to have mellowed out a bit: he is quieter, though his personality has taken an angrier turn, becoming hostile easily. [29] Natsu Dragneel, carried by Happy, manages to make his way to the center of Nirvana and attack Brain but is intercepted by Cobra, who is riding his now-winged serpent, Cubellios. Above his T-shirt, Erik wears a short red-colored jacket with a zipper and silver-colored edges. After the time skip, Erik has changed quite a lot. He, along with the other Oración Seis members, sought to find Nirvana, a destructive Magic that was sealed long ago. Active The power of his strikes is greatly increased when he makes use of his Dragon Slayer Magic, which allows him to also poison his opponents on contact. Erik shrugs after overhearing the conversation, with Sorano wittingly stating that he is very shy, garnering criticism from the Dragon Slayer. With it, Erik was able to foresee all of the attacks performed against him and react accordingly, evading them without effort. Erik harbors great affection towards his snake Cubellios, considering her to be his greatest friend, and being willing to dedicate his prayer to hear her voice, which in itself is impossible, even for someone like Erik, who has exceptional hearing. 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Later as the Mages rest, Erik reprimands Sawyer for his continuous talk, with the Dark Mage being indecisive of his option of following Jellal. The Magic can also act as a doubled-edged sword, as high pitched noises, such as Natsu's scream, can affect him greatly. Affiliation With his opponent gone, Cobra sits down to observe the aftermath and laments his inability to defeat a Dragon, commenting on it, leaving a bad taste in his mouth. [83], Enhanced Strength: Erik has displayed a high degree of strength; he is shown to be capable of effortlessly sending Natsu flying several meters away with seemingly casual attacks on two different occasions, the first with a simple slap,[84] and the second with a knee. It took awhile for me to convince the Rune Knights that I wasn't one of the slaves or one of the enemies. Status [23], Jellal enslaved Erik as a child until Brain arrived at the Tower of Heaven and took Erik and four other enslaved children to become members of his own guild, all with Jellal's permission. Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Erik's outfit consists of an elaborated whitish coat with purple inner lining and cuffs intricately decorated by silver-colored motifs, and many studs lined up the chest, the high coll… Cobra then ridicules Natsu, stating that his random physical attacks did more harm than this new strike will bring. Calling out his snake's name, Cubellios releases a large quantity of poisonous mist from her mouth, which Cobra then proceeds to eat. This Magic works to cover up Erik's weakness, repelling any sounds that may be too sensitive for his ears. With it, Erik was able to foresee all of the attacks performed against him and react accordingly, evading them without effort. He has become quiter, but can be angered more easily. Erik is a quiet, brooding and withdrawn individual. Throughout their fight, however, Cobra becomes increasingly annoyed at Erza's words, describing her them as "grating", and pushes their fight to outside the Clock.

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