I deliberately imitated those three guys, one by one, never together. Covering ears 4. Even though it’s an imitation, the copy of the painting sold for almost as much as the original. When thinking about imitation that can be viewed in a variety of different settings and some examples of that would be When a narcissist imitates you to try and impress to show you they're interested in the same things they copy your likes your dislikes wants and needs Overlimitz is a site worth checking out if you are interested in ordering wholesale imitation Oakleys. SIBYLLINE ORACLES, a collection of Apocalyptic writings, composed in imitation of the heathen Sibylline books (see Sibyls) by the Jews and, later, by the Christians in their efforts to win the heathen world to their faith. prolonged the quay, and an inferior imitation of Trajan's arch was set up; he also erected a lazaretto at the south end of the harbour, now a sugar refinery, Vanvitelli being the architect-in-chief. They installed coils and an imitation nuclear reactor on the back of the vehicle, along with two large rear vents. Imitation tortoiseshell is likely to be cellulose nitrate (which smells of camphor). Behind it is a larger church, which was begun for the Benedictines about I i 50, from the designs of a French architect, in imitation of the Cluniac church at Paray-le-Monial, but never carried beyond the spring of the vaulting. For example: In choir music, a melody may be sound by the sopranos and then repeated by the basses. Despite harsh initial reviews by music critics who felt the group was largely a poor imitation of the popular grunge style of that era, fans in the San Diego club scene began to take notice. . Two specific types of complex motor tics that often cause parents concern are copropraxia, in which the tic involves a vulgar or obscene gesture, and echopraxia, in which the tic is a spontaneous imitation of someone else's movements. In time, the bonds fall away, but if you look very closely you can sometimes make out the pale white groove of a faded scar, or the telltale chalky red of old rust. Lucas Goinicki (1527-1603) wrote many historical works, and Dworzanin polski, an imitation of the Cortegiano of Castiglione. The best Italian Latin is but an echo and an imitation; like the painted glass which we put in our churches, it is an anachronism. by Theresa Enos. It was a period of religious revival, and of reaction against abuses that followed in the wake of the feudal system; and this religious movement was informed by a new mysticism - a mysticism that fixed its attention mainly on the humanity of Christ and found its practical expression in the imitation of His life. The raid uncovered one stun-gun, one tear-gas canister and one imitation handgun that fired blanks. The tomb was opened in 1 774, and on the king's head was found an imitation crown of tin or latten gilt, with trefoils rising from its upper edge. He was called "Xenophon the younger" from his imitation of that writer, and he even speaks of himself as Xenophon. But ancient teachers and students would have found the notion of originality quite strange; they assumed that real skill lay in being able to imitate or to improve on something written by others. Combing their hair, eating at certain times of the day, bathing, being punctual, exercising, being bossy and collaborating are qualities that children learn in a very simple way. "(Daniel Mendelsohn, "The American Boy. If the imitation is exact, the term _strict imitation_ is applied, but if only approximate, then the term _free imitation_ is used in referring to it.. Music Notation and Terminology. Several studies have analyzed different patterns by which children imitate actions. The Latin text is much shorter than the Welsh, but we do not know whether this abridgment was made on purpose, or whether the translation is an imitation of an earlier text. Carter, 1906), p. 150, where a marble imitation found at Veii is also given. 3. Paisley has been an important manufacturing centre since the beginning of the 18th century, but the earlier linen, lawn and silk-gauze industries have become extinct, and even the famous Paisley shawls (imitation cashmere), the sale of which at one time exceeded i,000,000 yearly in value, have ceased to be woven. . In his thirty-three dramas, sparkling comedies in prose, more or less in imitation of Moliere, he has left his most important positive legacy to literature. (a) During the first twenty years of the 16th century the reform of Latin instruction was carried out by setting aside the old medieval grammars, by introducing new manuals of classical literature, and by prescribing the study of classical authors and the imitation of classical models. to take off the top of anything, comes "crop" meaning a closely cut head of hair, found in the name "croppy" given to the Roundheads at the time of the Great Rebellion, to the Catholics in Ireland in 1688 by the Orangemen, probably with reference to the priests' tonsures, and to the Irish rebels of 1798, who cut their hair short in imitation of the French revolutionaries. . . Facecloths. Then someone else would catch my fancy. He did an imitation of horror movie actor Boris Karloff, which was a big hit with the audience. Their restoration was somewhat drastic, the ancient parts being cut away to allow of additions in marble, and the new parts treated in imitation of the ancient weathering. . Flint axes were made in imitation of metal in the XIIth Dynasty (9). imitation jewelry that looked like the real thing became part of the fashionable woman's wardrobe. The exact imitation of the style of the genuine classics was the highest perfection at which he aimed. Cubic zirconias: Cubic zirconia offers a high quality imitation of a real diamond. At Maximum Eyewear, you'll find imitation Halcyon goggles for $45.00. . The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Imitation pearls do not reflect light in the same manner as natural pearls; they are slightly duller, with a flat, matte finish. Imitation lures were used to catch fish who mistook the bait for real insects. Pushing a button 3. In the Greek world thirty was a usual age in the 4th century for persons to be baptized, in imitation of Christ. The first period of the English Renaissance was one of imitation and assimilation. In imitation of the grandfather the grandson gave a commission to a Saxon, in whom he had confidence, to collect artists and artisans in Germany and bring them to Moscow, but he was prevented from carrying out his scheme by the Livonian Order (1547). The second half of the 15th century was destined to be the age of academies in Italy, and the regnant passion for antiquity satisfied itself with any imitation, however grotesque, of Greek or Roman institutions. the imitation in stucco of the appearance of a wall veneered with coloured marbles. Variation 1: Horn and bassoon in imitation retain the dignity of the hymn tune. And this rite too the evil demons by way of imitation handed down in the mysteries of Mithras. Of his numerous works the chief are: The Four Books of Thomas d Kempis on the imitation of Christ (Hung., 1603), of which there are many editions; Diatribe theologica de visibili Christi in terris ecclesia (Graz, '6'5); Vindiciae ecclesiasticae (Vienna, 1620); Sermons for every Sunday in the Year (Hung., Pressburg, 1636); The Triumph of Truth (Hung., Pressburg, 1614). His commanding stature, the symmetry of his form, the dark and melancholy beauty of his countenance, rather rendered piquant than impaired by an obliquity of vision, produced an imposing impression even before his deep and powerful voice had given utterance to its melodious thunders; and harsh and superficial half-truths enunciated with surpassing ease and grace of gesture, and not only with an air of absolute conviction but with the authority of a prophetic messenger, in tones whose magical fascination was inspired by an earnestness beyond all imitation of art, acquired a plausibility and importance which, at least while the orator spoke, made his audience entirely forgetful of their preconceived objections against them. Sepolcro, a circular church with ornamentation in brick and an imitation of opus reticulatum, should probably be attributed to the 6th or 7th centuries. In light of that fact, it's easy to see why some may prefer to go the imitation route, and once you see what is currently available on the market, you might heartily agree! The 'art" is here represented by the whole system of rhetoric, so carefully memorized; 'Exercise' by such schemes as the theme, the declamation or the progymnasmata. The following are examples of gross motor imitation. On the other hand Ibn ul-Mo`tazz (son of the caliph) was the writer of brilliant occasional verse, free of all imitation. The last ten years of his life were given up to the imitation of Greek poets of the Alexandrian school. Real pearls have a smooth, consistent texture even when viewed under magnification; imitation pearls may have bumps, grains, or other texturing. .. "At the outset, a written text was read aloud by a teacher of rhetoric . I can only say in reply, "This is due to habitual imitation and practice! The Michaelskirche, attached to it, is a small round church built, in imitation of the Holy Sepulchre, in 822 and restored in 1853. "Then students recast the ideas in the text under consideration. New industries are those of tapestry, brocades, imitation of ancient stuffs, cloth of silver and gold, and Venetian laces. Fabiano e Sebastiano, belongs mainly to the 16th century, and was designed by Galeazzo Alessi, in imitation of Bramante's plan for S. The Young Czechs could not take their place; their Radical and anti-clerical tendencies alarmed the Feudalists and Clericalists who formed so large a part of the Right; they attacked the alliance with Germany; they made public demonstration of their French sympathies; they entered into communication with other Slav races, especially the Serbs of Hungary and Bosnia; they demanded universal suffrage, and occasionally supported the German Radicals in their opposition to the Clerical parties, especially in educational matters; under their influence disorder increased in Bohemia, a secret society called the Umladina (an imitation of the Servian society of that name) was discovered, and stringent measures had to be taken to preserve order. . .. "Next, a phase of analysis was used. Today the selection of imitation diamond rings resembles real diamonds. then Aquinas (and his rivals), are pre-eminent for system, Anselm and Abelard for originality, Bernard of Clairvaux as the theologian who represents medieval piety at its purest and in its most characteristic forms, while Thomas a Kempis's devotional masterpiece, On the Imitation of Christ, with Tauler's Sermons and the Theologia Germanica, belong to the world's classics. Also known (in Latin) as imitatio. Imitation, for the Romans, was not copying and not simply using the language structures of others. Academies in imitation of Italian institutions came into existence, the two most conspicuous, named after the Rhine and the Danube, holding their headquarters respectively at Heidelberg and Vienna. The Sequence of Imitation Exercises in Roman Rhetoric, Definition and Examples of Progymnasmata in Rhetoric, Ekphrasis: Definition and Examples in Rhetoric, Definition and Examples of Sententiae in Rhetoric, Scheme (Rhetoric): Definition and Examples, Syncrisis (Rhetoric) Definition and Examples, Sentence-Imitation Exercise: Complex Sentences, Sentence-Imitation Exercise: Compound Sentences, Sentence-Imitation Exercise: Creating Sentences With Commas, Sentence-Imitation Exercise: Creating Sentences With Semicolons, Colons, and Dashes, Ph.D., Rhetoric and English, University of Georgia, M.A., Modern English and American Literature, University of Leicester, B.A., English, State University of New York, "Never hesitate to imitate another writer. Contenders for the best top chick movies out there include Pretty Woman, Steel Magnolias, Beaches, Sabrina, Grey Gardens, and Imitation of Life. Among a great series of engraved silver bowls,' found mostly in Cyprus, but also as far off as Nineveh, Olympia, Caere and Praeneste, some examples show almost unmixed imitation of Egyptian scenes and devices; in others, Assyrian types are introduced among the Egyptian in senseless confusion; in others, both traditions are merged in a mixed art, which betrays a return to naturalism and a new sense of style, like that of the Idaean bronzes in Crete.° From its intermediate position between the art of Phoenicia and its western colonies (so far as this is known) and the earliest Hellenic art in the Aegean, this style has been called Graeco-Phoenician. minds that there was soon a keen competition among the younger poets as to who should produce the most successful imitation of that classic model; and this competition has gone on under different forms through all the following centuries, even to the most recent times. The view which denies the Pauline authorship of Ephesians has to suppose the existence of a great literary artist and profound theologian, able to write an epistle worthy of Paul at his best, who, without betraying any recognizable motive, presented to the world in the name of Paul an imitation of Colossians, incredibly laborious and yet superior to the original in literary workmanship and power of thought, and bearing every appearance of earnest sincerity. He sets the Normans before us as a race specially marked by cunning, despising their own inheritance in the hope of winning a greater, eager after both gain and dominion, given to imitation of all kinds, holding a certain mean between lavishness and greediness - that is, perhaps uniting, as they certainly did, these two seemingly opposite qualities. Copying gestures and facial expressions. IMITATION: The dog shivered in the background, wet from nosing his way through the early-morning grasses and covered with damp cocklespurs. splayed brick jambs, plastered and painted in imitation of marble. . 4. by Jerome Holtzman, 1974), "The three processes by which a classical or medieval or Renaissance man acquired his knowledge of rhetoric or anything else were traditionally 'Art, Imitation, Exercise' (Ad Herennium, I.2.3). . In one, a large circular tomb, were found three sepulchral couches in stone, carved in imitation of wood, and a fine statuette in bronze of Ajax committing suicide. ), or, according to another view, fighting with the Pythian dragon. It can be a bit like early flicks with people doing a passable imitation of Charlie Chaplin. Such a model, properly constructed, that is to say, with the vesicles of the foam microscopic in size, is a marvellous imitation of the appearance of protoplasm, being distinguishable from it only by a greater symmetry. The English garden (Englischer Garten), to the north-east of the town, is 600 acres in extent, and was laid out by Count Rumford in imitation of an English park. He wrote numerous translations, of Galen, Aristotle, Ilariri, IIunain ben Isaac and Maimonides, as well as several original works, a Sepher Anaq in imitation of Moses ben Ezra, and treatises on grammar and medicine (Rephuath geviyyah), but he is best known for his Talzkemoni, a diwan in the style of Ilariri's Magimat. Whether they are real or imitation, you can never go wrong with the sparkle of diamonds. Even before the Seven Years War there were signs that the German people were beginning to tire of incessant imitation of France, for in literature they welcomed the early efforts of Klopstock, Wieland and Lessing; but the movement received a powerful impulse from the great deeds of Frederick. a copy or fake version of a genuine article or object. The hinge between the two poles of study and personal creation is the imitation of the best extant models, by means of which the pupil corrects faults and learns to develop his own voice. The Lay of Orpheus is known to us only through an English imitation; the Lai du cor was composed by Robert Biket, an Anglo-Norman poet of the 12th century (Wulff, Lund, 1888). In the study of Latin the principal aim of the Italian humanists was the imitation of the style of their classical models. Hebrew religious poetry was revived for synagogue hymnology, and, partly in imitation of Arabian models, a secular Hebrew poetry was developed in metre and rhyme. Learning by imitation linked to habits. Take advantage of diaper changes to encourage babies and toddlers to copy various gestures and facial expressions: a frown, a fish face, blowing a kiss, clapping, etc. The bill was strongly opposed by the Radicals; the Centre was divided; but the very strong personal influence of the emperor, supported by an agitation of the newly-formed Flottenverein (an imitation of the English Navy League), so influenced public opinion that the opposition broke down. During the speech, Jake performed an imitation of the Troop Leader by pulling back his cheeks and his nose, causing the other three boys to stifle their laughter in their hands.

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