Nov 7, 2017 @ 11:30am Also any good iron mine would help ^^ #1. Register now to participate using the 'Sign Up' button on the right. If the Dragonborn accepts the quest, there are a number of Forsworn inside the mine as well as a few outside. A possible cause for this glitch is that, if Kolskeggr is the first mine the Dragonborn clears out completely, the glitch may occur; however, this is not always the case. Difficulty Legendary Kolskeggr Mine is a mine located in The Reach near Markarth, owned by Pavo Attius. Hey there. I'm going to attempt clearing Kolskeggr Mine and complete that quest, and any other Forsworn related quest I can find in my journal and any more that I come across in my travels. TL;DR The mine of kolskeggr is bugged i cant go in because it crashes my game, pavo and skaggy two npc's near markarth still have the option to give me the quest a second time, wether i accept it or not it still causes a crash on that place. After doing so, report to Pavo Attius. While visiting the Left Hand Mine, the Dragonborn can speak with either Pavo Attius or Skaggi Scar-Face who ask for help to clear out the Forsworn that have overrun Kolskeggr Mine. Upon finishing the quest, Gat gro-Shargakh, a fellow Orc miner, will send out a message to all of the Orc encampments that the Dragonborn is now Blood-Kin, thus allowing them to enter any strongholds. There is a quest or two that bestows "Blood Kin" on the Dragonborn. I decided to wait another 2 in-game weeks and the mine … On very rare occasions, Kolskeggr suffers from a rare glitch where it will never respawn any of its ores or only after an extreme amount of time. baumeef. any solutuon on how i can go inside the mine? I cleared out the mine's ores a while back. Please endorse my mod if you enjoyed it, and please post any comments/suggestions to help me make it even better!-----Better Soljund's Sinkhole is also on the Skyrim Workshop Here. But, I was just playing (my seventh game) and was talking to a Orc miner after doing the "Clear Kolskeggr Mine" quest and he said he would send a message to all the compounds that my Dragonborn was now a … Complete the miscellaneous quest "Clear Kolskeggr Mine." > kolskeggr mine not respawning. Kolskeggr Mine glitch on PS4? Mine Gold Ore from Kolskeggr Mine, due south of the Lover Stone near Markarth. kolskeggr mine not respawning. Mining in Skyrim is one of the main sources of retrieving Ores and this Skyrim mining guide will help you with all Ore locations in the game. Welcome to Skyrim Forums! Mining in Skyrim can be performed only in specific locations and it's about obtaining various types of ore.You must begin by visiting a mine that offers a chance to acquire ore you're interested in (full list of mines can be found below). I'm leveling my smithing and I need more gold :x < > Showing 1-13 of 13 comments . ItzRayOfH0pe I New PC <3. Hello, I just wanted to ask, does the only gold mine in Skyrim Kolskeggr Mine replenish? Changed Kolskeggr Mine quest to prevent Forswarn from spawning after completion of the quest. The mine is under the control of the Forsworn. I'm playing Skyrim on the PS4 and am just wondering if this is a common issue. I came back after 2 in-game weeks and noticed the ore veins were still depleted. If you have already cleared any of these quests, you must reset the quest.

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